maandag, mei 01, 2006


I once wrotte this:
"To choose loving someone is complicated. And it is so because we choose not to be one, but TWO becoming one. And it isn't easy for everybody to accept that we could be more than we already are, without loosing the real WE: difficult!"

The reason I want to clarify this passage was because then I was not smart enough.
What I mean with not smart enough is that it misses an important part to finish that message.
The important is that to be in loved and to receive love two people are needed for it. Not only to get and receive, (for the simple fact that it goes much further than that), it is because both of them WANT it.

Two people commited,
Two people in love,
The two becoming one...
Otherwise there is only a one side communication.

I felt I needed to clarify this... to myself alone... Then was it maybe too soon. I thought that once one is in love the rest will follow. Yes, love makes us blind!
But it surely makes us blind in a nicer way if TWO are involved.

I'm happy with myself that I could get lose the feelings I once had (I understand now that I was the only one giving, the only commited.. I'm free now) ... I am now open for new experiences, for a brand new life!

Let my prins charming come!!!!

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